64 channels player

64 channels player

The SampleDecks sample player can record up to 64 different sounds for your performance.
colorizable sample buttons

Colorizable sample buttons

With the wide range of colors you will always find the right sound.
customizable keyboard control

Customizable keyboard control

SampleDecks customises to you! Define the required number of the key yourself and you will never lose track!
scalable interface

Scalable interface

You can define the interface freely, so that you can customize SampleDecks to your interface like you need it right now.
MIDI support

MIDI support New

With the new MIDI learn mode you can play all samples with your own, familar MIDI controller.
global hotkey

Global hotkeys

Thanks to the function "global hotkeys" your shortcuts always work, even if SampleDecks is minimized! So you also can control SampleDecks, if you are working with another program.
compatible with UltraMixer

Compatible with UltraMixer

You already own UltraMixer? But SampleDecks appeals to you? No problem, because you can combine both without problems and set everything up like it pleases you! So you get more samples and you can choose, which you want in the foreground.


Due to the multilingualism of the program it is possible to choose between English and German.
2 samplebanks for free!

2 samplebanks for free!

With the free drumset you can play the drums and with the sound sample banks 16 different effects are available for you, for free.